• Best dating sites in germany

  • Not all men (however, women too) who have a page on the dating site sincerely answer the questions of the questionnaire. You can lose a couple of kilograms, add a few centimeters of growth, "young" for at least 10 years, and no one canceled the photoshop in order to give his appearance the necessary charm and hide skin defects. And what about the false statuses of "single" or "divorced" when the wife and three children are at home. 10% of new accounts on dating sites belong to deceivers who meet for money.

    But on the dating.com everything is safe and all the data is confidential. In addition, this platform is considered best dating sites in germany . There is only live communication with real people. If you love Germany, like culture and like to communicate with new people, then this dating site is for you. In addition, you can always pull up German and learn more about their life.

    Smiles and a good mood always attract men. But gritty nuns with a print of gravity on their faces - repel. It's just like two times! Smile, and the men will reach for you.

    Men are always drawn to easy-to-communicate women. Do not confuse lightness with easy availability! Women, not wanting to be in an easy relationship "without obligations," bear gravity, excessive seriousness. But men are just included in a serious relationship with light women - easy in terms of character and intention, in terms of "not load" and not becoming attached unnecessarily to a man.

    Men love confident women. Confidence here does not imply the self-confident behavior of a woman, but her knowledge of her own demand among other men.

    Self-sufficiency. It's a woman's ability to be happy on her own. A self-sufficient woman is well alone with herself, she is happy with life and knows how to organize interesting activities and leisure for herself. She has goals and plans, she knows how to implement them. Remember, self-sufficient women attract self-sufficient men.